Your Human Resources Partner LLC

Your Human Resources Partner LLC
2524 Winners Circle, Heath, TX 75126 (972) 587-6050
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Your Human Resources Partner LLC is a human resources consulting agency based out of Heath, TX. We are woman-owned and operated, have 70 years of industry experience, and offer an array of HR solutions.

Our services include policy, procedure, and handbook creation as well as training and recruiting. In addition to our vast industry knowledge and experience, we have established ourselves within the industry and community, offer personalized services, and can typically complete projects ahead of schedule. Your Human Resources Partner goes above and beyond for all clients to ensure maximum satisfaction 100% of the time.

Contact us to learn more about our federal contracting abilities.

Core Competencies

Human Resources Consulting

  • Policies Creation
  • Procedures Creation
  • Handbook Creation

Human Resources Guidance

  • Training
  • Recruiting
  • 70 combined years of industry experience
  • WOSB Certification (in progress)
  • Solid industry and community reputation
  • Offer personalized services; contract-free; project-based
  • Onsite abilities to go above and beyond for clients
  • Help clients become self sufficient for future endevors
  • Projects are typically completed ahead of schedule
  • Available at all times, especially in emergency situations
  • Staff is HR Certified (HRCI)
  • Compliant with all State regulations
Past Performance

SSM Health - narrowed down 70,000+ job descriptions to 8,000 descriptions - 6 months to complete - $20,000 contract

McGrath Pest Control - created handbook, implemented policies, trained management on the policies, and won EEOC Discrimination claim for the company - 1 week to complete - $5,000