West KY Pipe and Valve

West KY Pipe and Valve
200 Pond River Colliers Road, Madisonville, KY 42431 (270) 452-2209 misty@pollardandsons.com
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West KY Pipe and Valve is a general contractor and parts carrier based in Madisonville, KY. We provide services for welding and fabrication as well as parts, metals, plastics, and other types of products for your custom job. With our highly skilled and trained staff, we are sure to make quick work of any project or job that comes our way. Contact us today to find out how we can best assist you in your welding, fabrication, and parts needs. 

Core Competencies
  • Welding
  • Fabrication
  • Metal
  • Plastic Culvert
  • Straw Mat
  • ECB
  • Geotextile Fabric
  • Rebar
  • Concrete Wire
  • Erosion control blanket
  • Staples

24 hours, seven days a week answering service

Excellent Customer Service

Will travel to complete jobs

Past Performance

Repairing bucket for Cat 324 Excavator $ 650.00

Installation of teeth and telfa for bucket $500.00

Repairing Bucket along with machining for pins and Bushings $25000.00

Built Hopper for Rock Quarry $100000.00

Bult stairway and Landings for Audubon Metals $40000.00

Built Railing and Stair way for apartment complex $ 45000.00

Built and installed Belt Lines $35000.00

Built and Repair Dumpsters $5000.00-$12000.00

Onsite Maint $70.00/Hour