True Canine International
1550 Bray Central Drive, McKinney, TX 75069 (214) 450-0321 Visit Website
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True Canine International is a K9 training company located in McKinney, TX. Our company offers training services to include courses on narcotics detection, bomb detection, cadaver, arson, tracking, search and rescue, obedience and protection. We can also offer dual-purpose training, including apprehension and home protection. Here at True Canine, we pride ourselves on offering quality training the focuses on the needs of both the handler and the canine. Contact us today to find out about our federal contracting abilities and to see how we can best serve you and your organization.

Core Competencies
  • Canine Training
  • Border Canine Training
  • Method of Training
    • Communication
    • Aggression
    • Obedience
    • The overall wellbeing of the canine
  • 30 years of industry experience
  • Provide K-9s to the U.S. Department of Defense and Customs; and Border Patrol