The Friendly Caterer

The Friendly Caterer
1038 Sims Road , Hopkins, SC 29061 (803) 318-8267
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Since 2006, The Friendly Caterer provides top-notch catering services to our clientele. We have over 150 years of collective industry experience, various credentials ranging from being DBE to ACDE certified, and offer an array of specializations.

Our options vary anywhere from BBQ sauce retail to Kosher Foods while having the capability to serve weddings, graduations, and more. In addition to a vast skill set, we specialize in southern comfort food, ensure quick turnaround times, own all of our equipment, and produce fresh meat. Here at The Friendly Caterer, our team of professionals consistently achieves maximum client satisfaction through versatile offerings, commitment to excellence, and supplying second to non-service.

Please contact us today for additional information on our company and federal contracting abilities.

Core Competencies
  • General Food Catering
  • BBQ Sauce Retail
  • Kosher Foods Areas of Service
    • Weddings
    • Graduations
    • Family Functions
    • Emergency Relief Services
  • In business since 2006
  • 150+ years of collective industry experience
  • Safe Serve Training Certified
  • DBE Certified
  • ACDE Certified
  • Specialize in southern comfort food and BBQ
  • Ability to supply nearly any type or amount of food necessary
  • Serve large groups, served 3,500 people at one time
  • Can produce quick turnaround times
  • Ability to cater to multiple locations
  • Ability to cater overnight for multiple days
  • Versatile availability and services
  • Second to none service - professional and timely service - 95% repeat business rate
  • Food is made fresh daily
  • BBQ sauce is 18 hours slow cooked on oak and smoke wood
  • Meat is always fresh, never frozen
  • Own all equipment and vehicles necessary
  • 2,600 sq ft kitchen makes it possible to service multiple events at one time
  • Ensure customer satisfaction via clear communication and efficient services
Past Performance

Atlantic Jazz Festival - ongoing since 2010 - catered for 200 - 300 attendees over the course of 2-3 days

Lancaster County Schools - ongoing since 2016 - catered for 1,800 attendees over the course of 3 days

Commission of The Blinds - ongoing since 2017 - 2,600 chickens cooked

Tri-County Annual Meetings - ongoing for 20+ years - catered to about 2,000 attendees

Airline Catering - ongoing since 2017 - large and private jets - catering various amounts of meals for flights, 100 - 300 attendees

Richland School District - ongoing for 12+ years - catering for school events - catering various amounts of meals, 75 - 900 attendees depending on event

Totaled approx. $350,000 gross revenue in 2019