Tandem Logistics LLC

Tandem Logistics LLC
1101 Michigan Ave PO Box 90, St. Louis, MI 48880 (989) 681-5754 mblair@tand.com Visit Website
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Tandem Logistics LLC is a multi-axle heavy haul company operating primarily in the state of Michigan. Working closely with Tandem Logistics, LLC, Tandem Specialized provides complete solutions for shippers and carriers. Our logistics team specializes in the use of flatbed commodities, building materials, machinery, heavy haul movement, and standard flatbed movement. We have a 99.8% On-Time record for deliveries. Contact us today to find out how we can best assist you!

Core Competencies
  • Flatbed Commodities
  • Building Materials
  • Machinery
  • Heavy Haul Movement
  • Standard Flatbed Movement

Dependable and Reliable Staff available 24/7

Combined 48 years experience in the Transportation Fulfillment between Asset Based and Brokerage

Past Performance

Single Source Transportation Service in Constructing and De-Constructing Facilities

Provided Single Source Warehouse Load In Service

Dedicated High Volume Daily Service