RVM Marine Contracting Inc
2280 East 71st Street First Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11234 (914) 447-3254 mannettaralph@gmail.com rvmmarine.weebly.com
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RVM Marine Contracting Inc is a veteran-owned and operated marine contracting company based out of Brooklyn, NY. Our team has 50 years of industry experience, utilizes company-owned equipment, and offers an array of specializations.

Our services include emergency response, environmental salvage, as well as residential and commercial construction repairs and maintenance. In addition to our vast skill set, we are proud members and supporters of our Nation's Frontline Defense Organizations, ensure that the highest quality control measures are taken, and specialize in salvage operations and dock building. The RVM team has the experience and background necessary to provide exceptional marine contracting solutions, and is ready and prepared to respond to national disasters.

Please contact us to learn more about our company and federal contracting abilities.

Core Competencies

Marine Contracting

  • Emergency Response
  • Environmental Salvage

Residential & Commercial Construction

  • Repairs & Maintenance

Unique Needs. Custom Solutions.

  • SDVOSB (in progress)
  • 50 years of combined industry experience
  • US Coast Guard | Tug Boat License
  • OSHA Certificate
  • FEMA Certificate
  • Excavator Licences
  • Welding & Burning Operations Licensed
  • NY Fire Department | Propane & Torch Operation Licensed
  • Proud members and supporters of our Nation's Frontline Defense Organizations
  • Recently upgraded fleet and equipment
  • No construction project is out of our capabilities
  • Focus on collaboration with partner agencies to ensure the needs of our marine community are met around the clock
  • Support clients from the planning stage and complete regular and timely maintenance
  • Ensure highest quality control measures are taken
  • Full-service approach to all projects
  • Staff possesses OSHA required safety certifications
  • Company-owned equipment
  • Specialize in salvage operations and dock building
  • Emergency management available during disasters
  • Developed a high reputation and great relationships within the industry
  • Ready and prepared to respond to national disasters
  • Stock over $150,000 in generators and $250,000 in air compressors
Past Performance

Marine Industry - salvage operations which required certified divers and cranes - completed within 4 weeks

Sunlight Lighting Company, Brooklyn, NY - removal of old bulkhead and installation of new bulkhead- 7-9 month project