Portable Overbed Tables

Portable Overbed Tables
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Beginning in 2017, Portable Overbed Tables has provided innovative solutions within the medical industry. We have designed and developed a series of electronic hospital overbed tables to assist clinicians in providing additional patient comfort. Our portable tables have better assisted a vast amount of our clients in various ways, from skyping families at home to video conferencing with nurses. Our team takes pride in providing a unique, smooth hospitalization process through our innovative overbed solutions. For additional information on our company and federal contracting abilities, please reach out today! 

Core Competencies

Electronic Portable Overbed Hospital Tables

  • SBA member
  • Provisional patent application pending, in support of our over bed patient table offering a totally unique experience for patients
  • Patients will have the means to video conference with the nursing station, or Skype family at home
  • Nurses will have the tools to enter data directly into the EHR from the bedside, the Holy Grail of nursing