Platinum Building Materials & Supply LLC
50 Schubach Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479 (281) 407-0736
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Platinum Building Materials & Supply LLC is a nationwide distributor of Commerical Grade A Spray Cork Isolate and waterproofing solutions for industrial, commercial, agricultural, and residential use. Our renewable Spray Cork Isolate stands out with its elasticity, high resistance to atmospheric agents, and superior adhesion to metals, concrete, cement, plaster, brick, wood, and more. The Platinum BMS team's mission is to redefine construction and expand clients' businesses by providing cutting-edge, energy-efficient, and sustainable products.

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Core Competencies

Building Material Distributor & Supplier

Platinum Cork Solutions

  • Natural Spray Cork

Waterproofing Products

  • UniCover
  • Unicover TEX
  • Waterproof TR

Cost-effective, energy sufficient, and sustainable products

Reduced installation time

Cutting-edge, high-quality eco-friendly building products

Superior durability - results in less than 1% annual fade rate, compared to the standard 8-10% per year

Acoustic and thermal barrier

Heat resistant

Mold and mildew resistant


A green alternative for Stucco, more cost-effective 

Past Performance

Demonstration - demonstrating the application of the product and its wall covering capabilities, spraying 800 sqft building