Paraclete Consulting Group LLC
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Paraclete Consulting Group is a small business located out of Seguin, Texas that brings years of combined experience in the world's most hostile and unpredictable environments. Our team can offer you, the client, peace of mind through a perfect hybrid of professionalism and protective services that are required for today's dynamic ever changing operating environment. Paraclete Consulting Group provides strategic security services, consultation and risk assessments for facility security, businesses, schools, places of worship and special events. Our security program and elite training services can help to give you and your clients peace of mind through knowing you are adequately prepared for emergency situations. Businesses are facing an unprecedented level of risk and compromise that requires an appropriate response. Sometimes non-traditional strategies are needed to defend against uncommon threats and vulnerabilities. Our Special Activities Division provides specialized security services, skilled resources and solutions for your unique security needs.

Please contact us for more information on our services or federal contracting capabilities.

Core Competencies
  • Facility Security Services (CONUS)
  • Facility Security Services (OCONUS)
  • Embassy Security Services
  • Physical Security Solutions
  • Guard Force Management
  • Guard Services
  • Patrol Services
  • Protective Guard Services
  • Personal Protection Services
  • Executive Protection Services
  • Emergency Response
  • 30+ years of industry experience
  • Excellent customer service
  • Every security program is uniquely designed to provide our clients with 

    unmatched security and risk management services to secure their interests. Each of our Personal Protective Officers (PPO) has completed:
  • Texas Private Security Board Licensing and Commissioning
  • FBI Background Check
  • Texas TCIC Criminal History Review
  • Psychological Screening and Exam
  • Fingerprinting
  • Drug Analysis
  • 40-Hours of Advanced Firearms Training with a mandatory 90% proficiency rating with quarterly in-service training and qualification
  • 40-Hours of Advanced Active Shooter Prevention, Active Shooter Response, Close Quarters Tactics and Medical Training
  • Incident Response and Emergency Management Training
  • Report Writing
Past Performance
  • Hurricane Harvey Emergence Response - FEMA Camp Security

  • Hurricane Katrina Emergency Response - US Army Corps of Engineers Protective Services
  • Consulate Security Forces; Basra, Iraq US - Embassy Protective Force
  • Consulate Security Forces, Middle East Peace Initiative, Palestine
  • Embassy Security Forces; Kabul, Afghanistan US - KESF - Embassy Protective Force
  • Department of State Worldwide Personal Protective Service; WPPS I, II
  • Department of State Worldwide Protective Service; WPS High Threat Protection
  • Federal Facility Security Services  
  • Security, Diplomatic Security and Protective Services Training CONUS/OCONUS
  • Corporate Physical Security Services
  • Executive Protection Services