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Mardigan Executive LLC is a woman-owned Human Resources Consulting, Staffing & Recruitment firm.  Our goal is to help you maximize your workforce’s potential – to become better than their best!  We put your people first.  Receive the best-of the best experienced and seasoned professionals to retain and grow your organization.

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Core Competencies

Talent Sourcing & Recruitment

  • Screening, Shortlisting Candidates and Candidate Interviewing
  • New Hire On-Boarding & Orientation
  • Executive Search, Direct-Hire, Temporary Contractors & 1099s
  • Reference Checks, Background Checks

Employee Relations

  • Discipline Management (Problematic Employees, etc.)
  • Labor Laws (National)
  • Case Management (Investigations, Documentation & Reporting)

HR Training & Development

  • Coaching, Workshops, Seminars (Soft Skills & Hard/Technical Skills)
  • Profiling & Assessments
  • Training Needs Assessments


  • Employee Handbooks (Develop & Maintain)
  • HR Policies & Procedures
  • Audits (System, Employee Records, Regulatory, Federal/State Compliance)

Salary & Compensation

  • Annual Benchmarking
  • Market Intelligence
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Salary Guidelines and Grading

HR Consulting/Administration

  • HR Project Management & Administration
  • General HR Transactions, Communication
  • HR Support/Liaise & Operational Issues (Problem Solving)

Professional Woman of the Year!






Seasoned professionals that mentor and consult with your staff

We work nationally

We SPECIALIZE in Human Resources, Recruitment (Direct Hires) & Staffing (Contractors/1099s)

Unique approach and strategic process

Expertise: 25+ years’ Wide Spectrum HR Experience & Proven Track Record (U.S. National & Global)

Client Services: We’re Your Champion! Your People Come First with Us – Top of the Industry Professionals at Work for You!

Tools/Processes: Mobility/Adaptability, Technologically Savvy, Smooth Succinct and Efficient Processes for Positive Outcomes

Results: Empowering Your Workforce to Be Better Than Their Best!

Past Performance

Georgia Technology Authority (GTA):  GTA provides technological services and support to the State Government, promoting a business approach to the State’s IT needs!  Provide Organizational and Leadership Training and Development, Profiling Leaders, Leadership Coaching, Seminars, Webinars, Training Needs Assessment, Analysis, and Key Reporting – ongoing contract

Decisely Technology/Insurance Services:  Decisely is a technological/insurance benefits brokerage and HR services firm specializing in integrated technology solutions for businesses. They provide a turnkey HR platform for brokers, franchises, and associations nationally.  Provide Human Resources strategy for company and clients of company – full-service Human Resources:  Talent Sourcing and Recruitment, Employee Relations, HR Training & Development, Compliance, Salary & Compensation, HR Consulting, and HR Projects and Administration – ongoing contract