J J Westhoff Construction Co.

J J Westhoff Construction Co.
700 Calvert St, Lincoln, NE 68502 (402) 421-1225 mwesthoff@jjwesthoff.com jjwesthoff.com
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J J Westhoff Construction Co. has been in business since 1980 providing heavy construction and civil engineering. We provide first-rate value engineering and construction services to businesses, cities, and states in need of landfills, monofills, lagoons, levee construction, levee expansion and repair, site utilities, site work, wastewater treatment facilities, erosion control, and remediation services. Our start-to-finish in-house process ensures that your project will be properly completed to the specifications you set, while also meeting all city and state codes. Contact us to learn more about our federal contracting abilities. 

Core Competencies
  • Landfill Construction
  • Monofill Construction
  • Wastewater Management
  • Levee Construction
  • Levee Expansion & Repair
  • Erosion Control
  • Mitigation & Remediation
  • Site Work
  • Site Utilities
  • Site Drainage
  • Concrete Structures



Specialized in projects incorporating geosynthetic lining systems and HDPE pipe fusion - completion of over 80 projects with geosynthetics

Job sites are under constant supervision by our field supervisors while work is being completed on your project

OSHA 30 employees

HAZWOPR 40 Certification

Our safety department personnel visit project locations to monitor progress and consult with the supervisors about safety hazards and employee performance. All of our personnel are required to wear the appropriate safety attire for their position

Past Performance

MidAmerican Energy Company - WSEC CCR Monofill Cell #4 and #5 - $9,800,000

City of Lincoln NE - Bluff Road Landfill Phase 13 - $2,500,000

USACE Omaha District - L550 Repairs

State of Kansas - Cheyenne Bottoms Refuge Levee Construction - $4,600,000

Metro Waste Authority Des Moines, IA - Metro Park East Landfill Phase II Liner and Leachate Sys - $4,700,000