Global Environmental Solutions
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Global Environment Solutions, LLC is engaged in the science of high technology soil stabilization. The company develops and provides green soil stabilization solutions to a host of industries for both wind and water erosion control. This technology eliminates the health hazards associated with fugitive dust and noxious odors. Road building and road repair products incorporate recycled materials as an integral component of this new technology. Because history is important, our track record of providing solutions to the DoD dates back to 2004 (under our previous company name of DirtGlue Enterprises). Our history of progressive research through the use of advanced science and technology positions us as the leader in environmental solutions that quite simply work. From dust and erosion control to the cultivation of advanced stabilization products and more, GES is for the earth, with the earth in mind. For additional information on our services and federal contracting abilities, please reach out today!

Core Competencies
  • Long-term & Short-term Dust Control Solutions

  • Sediment & Erosion Control
  • Customizable Applications for Erosion Control
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Stockpile Capping & Sealing
  • Permanent Pothole Repair
  • Polymer Pavement System
  • Masonry Waterproofing


  • VOSB

  • Protecting the environment
  • Fast, complete, reliable tech support
  • Excellent customer service
  • IECA (International Erosion Control Association)
Past Performance

Ft. Bliss Military Base, TX, McGregor Range, - Dust control (DustLess®) on tank trails - Licon Engineering Company - $1,302,334
RAF Habbaniyah, Iraq - Dust control (DustLess®) on helipads - GSA - $454,885

KBR Camp Arifjan, Kuwait - Dust control (DustLess®) for dust control on roads - SupplyCore - $228,188
US Central Command Base in Djibouti, Africa - Dust control (DustLess®) base wide - Army Rapid Equipping Force - $140,000
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, AZ - Soil stabilization (DirtGlue®) for trails - National Park Services - $44,921

Kandahar, Afghanistan - Soil stabilization (DirtGlue® Industrial) for airfield stabilization - Homeland Security - $30,612