Cool Wave Alkaline Water Inc.

Cool Wave Alkaline Water Inc.
6400 Saint Ignatius Drive #302 , Fort Washington, MD 20744 (301) 642-2808
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Cool Wave Alkaline Water, Inc. is a minority women-owned Alkaline Water bottling manufacturing company with over 30 years of water and beverage experience.

Help us make the world cleaner, safer, and healthier for future generations. Our water is packaged in recyclable 100% aluminum cans; helping us reduce plastic pollution on land and at sea. We have developed an innovative state of the art proprietary electrolysis beverage process that enhances its product with trace minerals and electrolytes and produces water high in alkalinity. Our water contains a powerful antioxidant, perhaps more powerful than any single food or vitamin supplement because it contains active hydrogen which supplies extra electrons to your body. Currently, our company is focused on the business of distributing and marketing the retail sale of our environmentally safe aluminum packaged water products. We value environmentally friendly products and we pride ourselves in being a zero pollution company. We are in the midst of a regional expansion program and we are available for government entities, businesses, trade associations, public and private schools, retail, convenience, grocery stores, sports teams, and other consumer sales markets.

Please contact us about our company and federal contracting abilities. 

Core Competencies

Bottled Water Manufacturer

  • Retail Bottled Water
  • Grocery
  • Business
  • Trade Association
  • Public Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Sports Teams Government
  • Consumer Sales Markets
  • Zero pollution is generated in this business
  • 9.5 pH balance
  • No pet material is used and only use aluminum
  • Able to produce 500,000 cases per month
  • Excellent customer service 
  • Timely deliveries 
  • Products are within quoted prices
  • Veteran discount 
  • Extensive experience in the water industry 
  • Free samples are available upon request 
  • Water Bottle Association certified 
  • IBWA and FDA certified