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Castle H Innovation Services LLC
10912 Park Ridge Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22408 (540) 850-3516 Visit Website
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<p>Castle H Innovation Services LLC is a contractor primarily positioned to supply electrical equipment and materials worldwide. We are also able to provide electrical engineering support that includes disaster&nbsp;assistance for the immediate recovery of&...
Core Competencies
  • Electrical Equipment and Materials Supplier
  • Electrical Systems Technical Support
  • Fire Protection Technical Support
  • Disaster Relief Support of Electrical Systems
  • Generator Procurement

Supplier of all things electrical with the ability to deliver materials worldwide

20+ years of experience of DoD contingency environment, extensive knowledge of temporary to semi-permanent electrical systems and applications - including 50hz and 60hz systems

Provides fire protection technical support and design as well as inspection and investigation of fire prevention systems

Sba cert
Past Performance

Available Upon Request

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