All Equity Matters
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At All Equity Matters, we are steadfast in our mission to safeguard, enhance, and impart knowledge regarding equity within our community. We hold the conviction that equitable access to pivotal knowledge and resources is a fundamental right for all individuals to attain personal and professional growth. Our commitment is not just to bridge the gap but to foster health and financial equity, ensuring just and fair opportunities are accessible to everyone. We actively engage with and educate community members to empower them in surmounting economic hurdles and striving towards their aspirations. Our identity as a minority, veteran, and female-led organization, with certifications such as SDVOSB, WBENC, and WOSB, reflects our diverse strength. We bring a unique blend of military precision and corporate acumen from our extensive experience in the financial and health science sectors to the table. Our team’s unwavering dedication is matched only by our pledge to deliver exceptional customer service and guaranteed confidentiality to our clientele. A testament to our comprehensive capabilities is our multifaceted suite of services, which includes financial literacy programs, business and personal consulting, as well as public speaking and career counseling. We also specialize in project management and public health, offering expertise that is crucial for the efficient execution of projects and health initiatives. Furthermore, our team provides certified notary services and management consulting, ensuring that every aspect of business development and administrative legality is professionally managed. Our proficiency in budgeting and financial management is vast, covering fiscal responsibilities from modest personal finances to extensive corporate budgets. At All Equity Matters, the economic and career welfare of our clients is our genuine concern. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and the depth of expertise we have cultivated over the years, situating us as a beacon of support for our community’s success and prosperity.

For detailed information about our array of services, including federal contracting opportunities, we invite you to reach out at your convenience.

Core Competencies
  • Career Counseling & Preparation

  • Personal & Business Consulting
  • Financial Literacy & Reviews
  • Public Health/Motivational Speaker
  • Project Management & Training
  • Notary Public
  • WOSB Certified
  • WBENC Certified
  • SDVOSB Certified
  • 25+ Years Of Experience
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Timely Responses
  • Solution Based
Past Performance
  • Business Consulting - Assess, plan, & implement company SOP, payroll, appointment systems, employee handbook, & company goals for 2023 - $15,000
  • Personal Consulting - Full financial review of banking & credit, created a budget - $1,000